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Welcome to Teachbizz

Being successful for almost 20 years helps us teach others how to become successful too.

Online Business Advising Services

Why You Should Choose Us


New Business Support

Designing a business model and marketing plan. Helping clients develop business skills and knowledge. Giving advices and brainstorming with the clients.


Surpassing Crises

Help on identifying and solving the problem. Bridging a gap in your knowledge and skills. Creating a strategy. Choosing the right marketing technique.


Mentoring Changes

Coaching clients on how to manage their resources to maximize the profits. Guiding them on making the effective investments. Training business people to improve for progress making.


Business Growing Techniques

Motivating clients' on personal development: time management, finding clarity, getting into action. Teaching decision making, problem solving, and project management.

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Meet Our Team

With a long experience on business advising, our experts will help you understand how you or your business is performing, where you’re falling short and how you can improve.


Melissa Martinez

Business Advisor

Andre McNally

Business Specialist

Joe Brighton

Business Coach

Denise Cuadra

Business Consultant

Our Client’s Review

“It has been more than a pleasure to work with Teachbizz. They truly have a professional team of business advisors who have always stood by our side whenever we have faced difficulties. It is never easy when you start as a small family business but they've helped us rise to what we are today, therefore we will be forever grateful to Teachbizz.”

Ronald Gleeson

Co-owner of "Fambu"

“At Teachbizz they're so friendly and supportive and yet so professional. Not only they understand your needs but they also make you understand what has to be done extra and what other objectives you should set for your business to bloom. And online contact has made things easier too. It's good to know there's always someone you can count on.”

Jeanne Riley

CEO of "Crystalightning"